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  • Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy

    Virginia Tech Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation (ed.)


    In January 2019 the Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation at Virginia Tech launched a multiyear project designed to explore the connections between adaptation and inclusiveness in learning. Our thesis was that a full-fledged commitment to adaptive learning has the potential to diversify the emerging knowledge economy while also making it more inclusive. Moreover, increased diversification and inclusiveness can enhance socioeconomic sustainability and enable our society to engage all pertinent voices when approaching complex problems.

    To test this thesis, we first explored an adaptive and inclusive approach to defining what we mean by learning and knowing. A dynamic definition allowed us to then openly explore adaptation to specific aspects of learning including: i) How is learning realized? ii) When is learning delivered? iii) Who is included in learning?

    Our first step was to bring together 60 individuals, each with significant direct experience with adaptive learning. These individuals came from 30 different organizations representing a range of sectors: higher education, K–12 education, industry, and non-profit.

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    Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation, V. (ed.) 2020. Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Publishing. DOI: https://doi.org/10.21061/adaptive-learning-report
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    Published on Dec. 10, 2020






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