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  • Community Policing in Nigeria

    Rationale, Principles, and Practice

    Emmanuel C. Onyeozili, Biko Agozino, Augustine Agu, Patrick Ibe

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    “In this era of Covid-19, enlightened policing is of special urgency. The authors of Community Policing in Nigeria provide us invaluable guidelines to attain this.”
    — Gloria Emeagwali, Central Connecticut State University 

    Community Policing in Nigeria is well timed, especially when Nigeria is descending into a state of security failure. Not only do the authors trace the history of policing in Nigeria, they offer comprehensive strategies for community policing that would help Nigeria maintain peace and order, as well as prevent and apprehend the various kinds of criminal elements that menace the streets of the country. Most important, the book demonstrates that acceptable policing practices were bracketed and ubiquitously practiced in regions of Nigeria before the European invasion and the subsequent introduction of a state militarized police system. This book is a must-read for policy-makers and Nigeria’s educational sectors.”
    — Ihekwoaba Declan Onwudiwe, Texas Southern University

    Emmanuel C. Onyeozili is professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Biko Agozino is professor of sociology and Africana studies at Virginia Tech. Augustine Agu is a retired senior policy officer at UNICEF. Patrick Ibe is professor and chair of the Criminal Justice Department at Albany State University.

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    Published on June 30, 2021



    EPUB 978-1-949373-60-8
    Paperback 978-1-949373-58-5
    PDF 978-1-949373-59-2


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