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    Publishing Team

    Corinne Guimont

    Interim Director, Publishing Services

    Digital Scholarship Coordinator

    Corinne joined Virginia Tech in April 2017. Her work focuses on Open Educational Resources and Digital Humanities Project Support. With a background in Information Science, Digital Humanities, and Commercial eTextbook Publishing, Corinne is interested in working with patrons to create digital scholarly output utilizing various tools and technology. She is available for consultations with faculty, staff, and students (one one one, or in groups) who may be considering starting a new journal, publishing a book, or organizing/publishing a conference. She also welcomes opportunities to advise prospective authors on all aspects of the scholarly publishing process, especially as it pertains to digital scholarship. 

    Anita Walz

    Open Education, Copyright, and Scholarly Communications Librarian
    Anita Walz is the Open Education, Copyright, and Scholarly Communication Librarian at Virginia Tech. She works with faculty, administrators, and staff on state, national, and international levels to promote the use of learning resources that are more accessible and affordable to students. She works in support of student-led projects and is often invited to lead sessions for students and faculty on copyright and the potential of open licensing. Her work experience includes over 15 years in international, government, and academic libraries, including the World Bank and the ERIC Digital Library. She was the project manager and a contributor to Virginia Tech's first open textbook: Fundamentals of Business (2016) and designed and administers the Faculty Open Education Initiative Grant Program at Virginia Tech, which provides funds and technical support to faculty who wish to adapt or author and broadly share openly licensed materials for teaching and learning.

    Caitlin Bean

    Publishing Services Specialist
    Caitlin comes from a professional publishing background, starting in 2015 when she graduated from the Denver Publishing Institute. After working at Rowman & Littlefield and the Naval Institute Press, Caitlin arrived at Virginia Tech to help VTP’s publishing endeavors as a Publishing Services Specialist. With a passion for editing and books, Caitlin brings guidance and support for authors and content creators seeking to make their scholarly work accessible to the public.